North Valley Tae Kwon Do

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Black Belt Club

By joining our Black Belt Club, members are making a commitment to reach their goal of obtaining their black belts. When students make such a commitment with us, we are better able to focus more on them by offering them more classes and special training to help them achieve their goals. Black Belt Club members are given the flexibility of attending any and as many classes as they choose. including exclusive Black Belt Club and Weapons classes, geared towards the more serious teakwood students.

Birthday / Group Parties

North Valley Tae Kwon Do offers birthday and or group parties on weekends. Contact us at or call Master Walker at (775) 224-1141 for Details.

Tae Kwon Do:   Class schedules: M,W,F: 4pm-8pm, Tues & Thurs: 4pm-7pm

Ages 5-12:  This is a 1 hour class offering traditional teakwood training.

Ages 13 and up: This is a one hour class offering traditional taekwondo training.

Open class- All Ages: This is one hour class offering traditional teakwood training allowing all ages and different skill levels to practice together. 

‚ÄčElite Combat Self Defense:   Class Schedule: Tues & Thurs: 7pm-8pm

This street smart system isn't a martial art, but a straight up no nonsense tactical defense. It simulates real life situation. Hands on how to quickly diffuse any situation fast and effectively. 

What would you do if you life depended on a fast thinking act? How would you protect not only yourself but your friends and family as well? These are battle tested. If it didn't work we got rid of them!!! This is a simple easy to learn system. Join us today